At EEC, one of our missions is to empower parents with information that helps you be the primary guide for your child. These monthly workshops, presented by coaches at EEC, will provide you with little mini-lessons, strategies, and resources that can help you and/or your child, no matter their age. Our team of coaches have extensive knowledge and experience, and we know that you and your family will benefit greatly from the information shared in these workshops.

What Will I Learn in these Workshops?

Because our team of coaches has a wide range of expertise and experience, we can and will share information about a wide range of topics. The overall goal is first and foremost to help you feel and be connected with your child while also helping you understand the neurobiological basis of their diagnosis and learning profile, provide a variety of tried and true tools and strategies that help build executive function skills, and continue to have the opportunity to ask questions of our team of experts that will help you achieve your goals and stay motivated to advocate and support your child.

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Connecting with Each Other

So much about the work that we do involves helping parents connect with their children in ways that are accepting, supportive and that foster a sense of success and growth, not judgment and frustration.

Executive Function Skills

Many of our workshops will help you understand strategies to strengthen and help children develop stronger executive function skills: working memory, planning, prioritizing, organization, flexible thinking, emotional control, impulse control, self-monitoring, task initiation.

Goalsetting and Motivation

Sometimes it is all about motivation and goal setting. With kids who are neurodiverse, it many times is about internal motivation, not external rewards and consequences. Our workshops include tips and strategies to guide parents to understand this approach that helps many kids.

Examples of Workshops We Have Held in the Past

  September 2021 Operation Zero Zeros
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days after you enroll
  October 2021 Open House
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days after you enroll
  November 2021 Webinar by Coach Courtney Edman, MS, PT, CEIS and Coach Lore Andrescavage, LICSW
Available in days
days after you enroll

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EEC Monthly Online Workshops

Monthly workshops by EEC coaches to provide parents with strategies, tools, and information to use with their children

Thank you for your interest in our workshops. We hope that you find helpful information for you and your family.

"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending." ~ C.S. Lewis

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