Rocking High School Program
Students will receive small group instruction by a certified EEC Academic/EF Coach. This course is jam-packed with information to help high school students prepare for a successful high school and develop college readiness skills for post-high school success.

Lead by Coach Jessica

Masters SPED Teacher and EF/ADHD Coach

Monday, 8/19 and Tuesday, 8/20

10 am - 12 pm 

What students will learn?

Growth Mindset

Strengths and weaknesses

Set Goals

Plan and Prioritize

Time Management

Study Skills


Stress Management

Active Reading

Balancing the life of student-athlete

This course is closed for enrollment.

"I realize that the phrase “game changer” is often an over used adjective, but as it pertains to Jessica, it actually understates the impact her work has had on our son and our family. Since she started working with our son (mid way through Sophomore) year, the transformation we have seen in him has been nothing short of miraculous. While he had all of the raw materials to be an excellent student and a happy teenager, Jessica’s coaching has harnessed all of this potential and provided him with the tools he needed to achieve great things. Whether it was helping him study for a test, meeting a project deadline or just keeping on top of his work, she broke the tasks down into bite sized pieces and then held him accountable for completing them on schedule. Jessica’s coaching has removed an enormous amount of stress and anxiety from our sons life and he now looks forward to entering his Junior Year as an organized, confident and optimistic Honor Student. So great is our confidence in Jessica that we have also retained her to guide our son through the college application process." - Mom of HS student.


"Jessica Gale is a flexible and dedicated coach. My son reports he is learning prioritization and organization techniques as well as the understanding of how these tools can apply beyond school into everyday life. It has also allowed him to be empowered to build his own relationship and understanding independently from teachers and parents so he is choosing the methods that he believes work for him." - Tom, Dad of Middle Schooler with ADHD

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